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Pollination Publications

Below are selected Extension publications related to pollination and pollinator stewardship relevant to tree fruit growers.

Isaacs, R. and J. Wilson (May 2022) Reducing pesticide risk to bees during fruit crop bloom. MSU Extension News.

Wilson, J., H. Austin, D. Biddinger, D. Epstein, T Hiatt, A. Nielsen, E. Olson, M. Van Agtmael, J. Walgenbach (2022) Pollinator Best Management Practices for Apples. A USApple publication in partnership with the Honey Bee Health Coalition.

Wilson, J. (Winter 2021) Five steps to installing a successful wildflower habitat on a fruit farm. Fruit Quarterly, New York Horticultural Society.

Wilson, J. (Summer 2018) Studies on Pollination and Fungicide Use During Orchard Bloom. Fruit Quarterly, New York Horticultural Society, 26(2): 11-13. INVITED

May, E., R. Isaacs, K. Ullmann, J. Wilson, J. Brokaw, S.F. Jordan, J. Gibbs, J. Hopwood, N. Rothwell, M. Vaughan, K. Ward, and N. Williams (2017) Establishing Wildflower Habitat to Support Pollinators of Michigan Fruit Crops. Bulletin E-3360, MSU Extension Service, East Lansing, MI

May, E., N. Rothwell, J. Wilson, and K. Ullmann (Jan 2017) Michigan Cherry Pollination. Fact Sheet.

May, E., K. Ullmann, and J. Wilson (Sept 2016) Michigan Apple Pollination. Fact Sheet.

Wilson, J. (Summer 2015) Why tree fruit growers should implement a pollinator stewardship plan. New York Fruit Quarterly, New York State Horticultural Society, 23(2): 30-32.

May, E., J. Wilson, and R. Isaacs (May 2015) Minimizing Pesticide Risk To Bees In Fruit Crops. Bulletin E-3245, MSU Extension Service, East Lansing, MI

Isaacs, R. and J.K. Tuell (May 2007) Conserving Native Bees on Farmland. Bulletin E-2985, MSU Extension Service, East Lansing, MI.

Fiedler, A.K., J.K. Tuell, R. Isaacs, and D.A. Landis (January 2007) Attracting Beneficial Insects with Native Flowering Plants. Bulletin E-2973. MSU Extension Service, East Lansing, MI.