Lab Members

Julianna K. Wilson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist

Dr. Wilson is an applied specialty crop ecologist with experience in a variety of fruit and vegetable cropping systems. Her interest in interdisciplinary applied research is a result of graduating with degrees in Horticulture (B.S.), Plant Pathology (M.S.), and Entomology (Ph.D.) from Michigan State University.

As of May 1st, 2022, Dr. Wilson directs the Tree Fruit Entomology program with a focus on the ecology and management of pest and beneficial arthropods associated with temperate orchards. She is keenly interested in the impacts of climate change on trophic interactions and our ability to predict and respond to pest outbreaks in orchards. Current research projects include documenting baseline endemic parasitoid communities, rearing and releasing exotic parasitoids associated with orchard pests, collecting woolly apple aphids to look for changes in their susceptibility to resistant rootstocks, population dynamics of the brown marmorated stink bug, and measuring greenhouse gas fluxes associated with Michigan apple orchards.

As an Extension Specialist, Dr. Wilson evaluates current and new pest control options for apple and cherry growers, integrating them into existing IPM programs where appropriate. Efficacy work includes evaluating pheromone mating disruption and other biorational pest management tools. 

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Juan Huang, Ph.D.

Lab Manager and Senior Research Associate

Dr. Huang is an insect chemical ecologist and behaviorist with expertise in plant-insect, plant-pathogen, and insect-microbe interactions, as well as biological control in both basic and applied research settings. The fundamental research questions that interest her most are what, why, and how host plants react to insect and pathogen attacks and how these responses affect the physiology, growth, and development of insects. Her applied research focuses on the development and implementation of innovative pest management systems utilizing behavior-modifying chemicals such as plant/microbe-derived chemicals and insect pheromones to control tree fruit insect pests. Thus, her research interests lie in three major areas: 1) Plant-insect-parasitoid tritrophic interactions, 2) Insect-endosymbiont chemical ecology and 3) Novel IPM applications of semiochemicals.

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Kevin Postma

PhD Student

Kevin is researching whether orchards sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and whether the grass alleys between the trees can be manipulated to increase soil carbon sequestration. While his research is primarily biogeochemical, plant changes affect insect populations. Everything is multidisciplinary.

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Research Assistants

seasonal, temporary, or on-call

Noah Huber (May 2022 – present)
Riley Korus (May 2022 – present)
Marion Parshall (May 2022 – present)
Bob Tritten (May 2020 – present)
Laura Stoneman (May 2018 – present)

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