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General Extension Resources

The Tree Fruit Entomology Program works with MSU Extension professionals to provide statewide training in pest and beneficial arthropod identification, scouting techniques, and IPM decision-making in orchards. We work with Plant Pathology, Horticulture, and Extension colleagues to deliver weekly pest reports and other information through the MSU Fruit & Nuts Page.

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Below are some important MSU Extension resources for fruit growers in Michigan.

Michigan Fruit Management Guide – E-154

This key publication is a guide written for commercial fruit growers to aide in the selection of pest management tools. It also contains chapters on pesticide safety and best practices for protecting beneficial arthropods. The guide is revised each fall for the following season to reflect changes in pesticide registrations and to reflect the results of recent efficacy trials.

MSU Enviroweather

Weather-based pest, natural resources, and production management tools.

MSU Plant & Pest Diagnostics

The Plant & Pest Diagnostics Lab assists a wide variety of people experiencing problems with plants and pests. Samples may be submitted to the lab by mail or dropped off at their facility. They will analyze the sample for a nominal fee and provide a diagnosis or identification of the problem as well as recommendations for control.

MSU Crop Pollination Website

Contains resources for growers on pollination contracts, best practices for protecting pollinators in cropping systems, and guides to conserving and establishing pollinator habitat on farms.